Property Insurance Consulting

Large loss property insurance claims can be confusing. Homeowners are not professional property experts nor property insurance claims adjusters. As a General Contractor with extensive insurance loss expertise, feel free to contact us to review the scope of work outlined by your insurance company and evaluate rebuilding the damage left in the wake of a catastrophic circumstance or weather event.

We are extremely knowledgeable in property damage assessment, claims processing and restorative construction work. Our extensive experience with Xactimate  as the primary insurance industry estimating software can help you understand how and why your insurance company is determining damage. Below we are going to breakdown some of the characteristics associated with restorative construction work or insurance restoration.

What is Insurance Restoration versus Standard Renovation or Remodeling.

Insurance restoration carries the basic characteristics as General Contracting once the initial affects of the cause of a loss are mitigated or remediated.

To a home owner this means:

  • Wet carpet removed after a water leak
  • Roof tarped and a tree branch removed from a punctured roof
  • Smoke cleaned and sealed from a kitchen fire
  • Water damaged drywall and roofing removed after an Ice Dam

These are a few simple examples of what Insurance Restoration services encompass. There are plenty of reasons to call your insurance company outside this brief list.


Why Xactimate is an important tool for homeowners, insurance adjusters and contractors.

Construction scope of work and pricing styles are variable across the industry. The major points of interest in creating or recreating structures are materials and labor hours associated with a project. Xactimate provides a common vocabulary and pricing definition for Insurance Restoration professionals to  come to terms with a proper scope of work.